Monday, April 2, 2012

Sailing in Benzyl Ethanol


-A Parody of 'Sailing to Byzantium' by William Butler Yeats, written when I was bored during class.. If you haven't read the original, here it is:  
Dedicated to Ladies Night (free drinks all night for ladies!) at an old haunt of ours.. x]

That is no night for old men. Or young.
Spirits in one another's glass, chicken on the table
Those hiccupping generations- at their song
The waiter-falls, bottles rouse the rabble
Fish, drink or fowl, consumed all night long
Whatever is brought up, out is Gross
Caught in the senseless tinkle of all tankards
Monuments of Stinking drunkards

An aged wine is such a classy thing
A dazzling red on the lip, unless
Bacardi Vodka would greater solace bring
Soothe the soul, your heart caress
Some say it even helps in the studying
Constructions of its own convenience
Wherefore we may escape guilt to reach our goal
The damned night of Benzyl Ethanol

Warning: Benzyl Ethanol isn't really an edible alcohol. Don't try this at home

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