Wednesday, December 17, 2008



Two men fight
Try to kill-the other
The crowd watches, cheers
I ask a man,
“Why do they fight?”

He smiles and says,
“Each claims to have
An imaginary friend
Beside him”

“Then they should
Be friends!” cried I
“Oh no!” he said
“But they refuse
To believe the other’s friend exists”

Two men in white coats
Came, dragged the two away

“Mad men belong in the mad house”
Is there room enough for all?


Rumbling Ranter said...

Why must your thoughts be so strong?
Can't u ever just write a poem about... I don't know... Cars? :P
Good stuff! You really make me think... It's actually shocking that someone's good enough to do that!

Robot Nine said...

That sums up my thoughts on the subject. Robot Nine

King of New York Hacks said...

Great post. Unfortunately they keep building places to make room for all of us. Scary.

thumbsUpsmile said...


That's awesome.

Random - Workaholic said...

Simple...yet classic!...I don't know when would those two friends themselves would realize their imaginary friends are just one people! :)

tikno said...

Human has exist before any religions emerged in this earth. The universe has exist before the human. And... God has exist far before the universe, human and any religions.

WHY ???

aarshi said...


two men talk
try to tell each other
the world watches waiting
i ask a man
"what do they have to say?"

he smiles and says
"each claims to be
an imaginary friend
beside the other"

i ask again:
"what do they have to say?"
"You see" he says
"each refuses to believe
that the other believes
that he is imaginary
and not real and enforcing"

two men men in white hats
come, drag the two away

"a friend who is not a friend belongs in the House"

and they start talking among themselves
of imaginary friends that they could each be.
till I and my friend drag them away...
and we start talking.

there is room for us all.
but who will then be left outside?