Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Symbol

Another poem- a political one... (I know...forgive me)...& not very well written I'm afraid. I've been seeing far too many people sporting T-Shirts with Che Guevara's face splashed across.. & I've been wondering whether most of them realize the supreme irony underlying their garb

The Symbol

He waved
They cried Che!
Fight the capitalists
Change the power structures

Workers unite
The owners shall die
Profiteering stopped
The poor shall thrive
We feign

The United States
Huffed and puffed
Blew him away
The people remembered...
His face

His face, his name
The poor will fight
His face remembered again
And again

From flags to Tees
Badges, head-bands?
50 Rupees, 100 Rupees
500 dollars
A bale

We remember him on T-shirts
500 bucks if new
100 bucks old
The poor can wear it

Looks like we’ve got him
Like we got the rest
His face for 20 dollars...
Capitalists rejoice


Rumbling Ranter said...

Omg. I will never get sick of saying it. You rule!
And you are absolutely right. This is so bloody ironic. The iconic figure of Che Guevara is just a face on a t-shirt now. People don't even know who he was and buy his t-shirt because it looks cool!
Consumerism does rule. Coz profit seekers know how to not let golden opportunities such as this slip them by.
R.I.P Che. We know who you are. xD

the [R]etard said...

I have the badges too! =P

dude... che was a romantic hero who motorcycled his way through south america... a doctor.. an incredibly charismatic guy... that's what he's portrayed as being now.

who gives about Cuba and Castro and all that?

the [R]etard said...

i hate word verification =/

must you do this to us?

Anonymous said...

ha ha ....nice use of words... n well put! i cud learn a thing or two from u in terms of making a point without being morbid

aarshi said...

consumerism reigns. very ironic indeed.
oh, and, very very apprehensively i ask, who is this RJ teacher?

random thoughts from a random person said...

hey hey!!..
tough sentiments out here!!!
just a scribbled poem!!
no reflection on Che!!..he was cool!! may he rest in peace..bet he doesn't give a damn now neways...

"This world is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel."

I'll stick with being a thinker... XD

And RJ!!..u don't want 2 know!!...think JRC+IRC+sullen silent Kar & u get d picture...

William H. Balzac said...

This is why Abbie Hoffman wrote, "Steal This Book."

~~We don't need tee-shirts. We need
voices louder than bombs.

William H. Balzac.

Robot Nine said...

I hand made my Che shirt, dyed with the blood of migrant workers. Open range migrant workers. Robot Nine

random thoughts from a random person said...

hah Wow! O__o kudos to you!

little boxes said...

i love this one!
and now that i know your URL,i'll keep visiting :)
lovely blog